TV Anchoring & Reporting

From 2009-2012 I worked at the international news channel, France 24, broadcasting live from Paris. My role as a news anchor involved breaking stories on air, writing scripts for broadcast, carrying out live interviews with correspondents and guests, and fronting some of the specialist programming such as The Week in the Middle East and the culture show. I had to keep a cool head under pressure and ask the questions a viewer would want answered.

I had the opportunity to be entrepreneurial at France 24 as part of the founding team of Tech 24, a weekly digital news show. Scouting out new technologies and interesting guests to feature was part of my remit, which sometimes required tenacity. I was involved in the shooting and editing of segments filmed on location in cities including Moscow and Berlin. It was important to make the subject matter accessible for a wide audience spread across the globe.

As a reporter in San Francisco, I covered technology as well as numerous stories involving social issues. Interviewing senior citizens whose homes were under threat, as well as the already-homeless who had limited access to amenities such as showers, and making their stories relevant to an international audience, required sensitivity and empathy.