It’s 5 p.m. on a sunny Friday and in a corner of Silicon Valley, a jazz band is playing a swing song, people are tucking into plates of catered Mexican cuisine, and Chris Cox, Chief Product Officer at Facebook, is chatting to some developers about to showcase their projects to an audience. But this is […]

Over the past two years, working as a journalist in and around Silicon Valley, I’ve interviewed around 100 entrepreneurs for TV news reports and for Founder Stories, a collection of narratives about how brave and driven people got to be where they are today. My encounters with these men and women, and hearing what’s motivated […]

UNICEF’s top innovation advisors recently came to Silicon Valley to launch a new initiative, aimed at bringing together the expertise of the high-tech community with its staff working on the ground in 190 countries. CauseTech is turning to the crowd to source ideas for sustainable solutions to the most pressing global needs. The campaign sees UNICEF’s Global […]

Wine from water. Milk from yeast. Both may sound miraculous, but the second one is actually happening. San Francisco startup Muufri is taking the moo out of milk by rethinking the way it’s industrially produced. Muufri is the brainchild of vegan bioengineers Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi. It’s not that they’re against milk — they just believe it […]

Sylvain Kalache is an immigrant, one of more than 10 million living in the Golden State. California, with its perfect weather, liberal outlook and plentiful job opportunities is a mecca for skilled workers, particularly from China, India and Vietnam. Kalache’s native France is also strongly represented in the northern half of the state, where an […]